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Medix Biochemica Group

Medix Biochemica is a Finnish biotechnology company, established in 1985, focusing on high-quality raw materials and diagnostic tests for global markets. We develop, produce, and market critical raw materials, including antibodies, antigens and biologicals for the IVD companies and rapid diagnostic tests for human healthcare worldwide. Recently joined Lee BioSolutions and EastCoast Bio are complementing our offering of critical raw materials to the IVD industry

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Medix Biochemica Group
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Experience - Expertise - Excellence

At Medix Biochemica, operational excellence goes beyond manufacturing. Every day, their team around the world works tirelessly to improve their performance. Enhance their efficiency. And execute flawlessly. Every time.

Their innovative approach delivers commercially successful antibodies and antigens with pioneering antibody technology based on in vitro manufacturing under the strictest international quality standards (ISO 9001, ISO 13485, and FDA QSR). The services equip IVD manufacturers with a competitive advantage, helping to increase sales revenue without the need to invest in costly production facilities and expertise.

Their expertise enables targeting a broader range of antigens than possible in vivo, including poorly immunoreactive and toxic compounds, with products available on a range of scales (milligrams to kilograms). As a rapid alternative to producing full-length monoclonal antibodies, Fab fragments can be generated in just three months and greatly enhance the specificity and sensitivity of IVD assays in solid-phase applications. Manufacturing presents a cost-effective and flexible monoclonal antibody outsourcing option for IVD manufacturers.

Their products are used to develop diagnostic tests for bone metabolism, cardiovascular, diabetes & metabolism, hormones, infectious diseases, inflammation, serology, thyroid, and tumour diseases


Medix' Biological fluids are dynamic and complex mixtures that circulate within living organisms, carrying a rich assortment of molecules, cells, and components. They serve as windows into the physiological state and overall health of an organism, encapsulating valuable molecular signals, metabolites, proteins, nucleic acids, and cellular entities.

These biological fluids are non-invasive and ethical invasive sampling methods. Samples are collected without resorting to invasive procedures, allowing for repeated measurements, and reducing patient discomfort. This ease of access makes biological fluids ideal for diagnosing diseases, monitoring treatment efficacy, and conducting longitudinal studies.

Adipose Tissue Amniotic Fluid Ascites Fluid ASO Serum Samples Bone Marrow
Breast Milk Buccal Swab Buffy Coats Cerebrospinal Colon - Acetone
Defibrinated Earwax Swab Faecal Matter Fixed White Blood Hair Sample
Heart - Acetone Human Control IL-6 Serum Immunoglobulin E Influenza A
Serum Semen Plasma Saliva Nasal Fluid
Sweat Tears Urine Vaginal Fluid Vomit

More from Medix Biochemica Group

In 2020 Medix Biochemica acquired EastCoast Bio, enabling them to serve IVD companies with broader offering of high-quality antibodies, especially for drugs of abuse and infections tests. Formed in 1995, East Coast Bio has become well known for quick service, consistently dependable products, and knowledgeable support.

The 2019 acquisition of Lee BioSolutions strengthened their position as a global leader, and extended their offering to include high quality antigens, proteins and enzymes for a wide range of life science research and diagnostic applications through novel extraction methodologies and classical chromatography techniques. Lee BioSolutions has a long, successful history serving the IVD and research markets since 1975.

Medix Biochemica has acquired 100 percent of the shares of Diaclone, a prominent provider of monoclonal antibodies in the areas of inflammation, oncology, and immunology.
As a result of the transaction, Diaclone’s product portfolio will be available through Medix Biochemica’s comprehensive global sales network.