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Custom Molecular Biology Services

Stellaris FISH RNA Probes Custom PCR Primer Sets Dual-Labelled BHQ Probes Peptide Synthesis

Exploring the molecular world, the need for custom design and manufacture of synthetic oligonucleotides continues to expand at an increasingly faster pace. Whether you require skilful design or creatively modified oligo for research purposes, or if you have progressed to scale up for commercialisation, our partner labs will be able to assist. 

  • Stellaris FISH RNA Probes - Stellaris® RNA FISH is a RNA visualization method that allows simultaneous detection, localisation and quantification of individual mRNA molecules at the cellular level in fixed samples. This novel RNA FISH technology represents a fast and easy-to-use method to achieve conclusive results through compelling images of RNA expression. Email us for more information at
  • Custom PCR Primer Sets - designed and tested against your target gene - deliverables are:
    • Provided as a 50 uM solution containing forward and reverse primers
    • Primer sequences and detailed reaction conditions included
    • Perform up to 1000 PCR reactions (based on 20 ul reaction volume)

for details please email us for more information at

  • Dual-Labelled BHQ Probes - Whether you require labeled, unlabeled oligos or PCR primers, LGC Biosearch Technologies can meet your exact needs as they offer custom modifications at extremely competitive rates. Most oligos are shipped in less than five to seven working days. Certificates of Analysis are available upon request. Email us for more information at
  • Peptide Synthesis - available for linear peptides, long peptides and peptide modications, for full deliverables and variety of services offered please email us for more information at