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Mabtech is a Swedish biotech company that was founded in 1986 by scientists at the Department of Immunology, Stockholm University. One of only very few companies worldwide focused entirely on developing monoclonal antibodies for ELISpot, FluoroSpot and ELISA applications, Mabtech supports the study of key immunological targets that include cytokines, immunoglobulins and apolipoproteins. We rely heavily on Mabtech to provide our customers with highly characterised monoclonal antibodies. These are supplied as individual products, configured as optimal antibody pairs, or included as essential components of a wide variety of user-friendly kits. Product quality is assured through ISO accreditation (ISO 9001 and ISO 13485), as well as through citation in many high impact publications.

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Mabtech ELISpot

  • Cell-based immunoassay with detection levels as low as one cell in a million
  • ELISpot can be used in almost any setting to investigate specific immune responses including vaccines cancer and diagnostics.
  • Study analyte secretion by capturing analytes immediately and throughout the process.


ELISpot is used to quantify protein-secreting cells. In this assay, cells are cultured in a plate coated with capture antibody. Cytokines, immunoglobulins, or other target proteins secreted by the cells are captured immediately after secretion and throughout the stimulation process. After cell removal, secreted proteins are identified using a detection antibody. Visible spots form after adding a precipitating substrate. Each spot corresponds to an individual analyte-secreting cells. ELISpot can quantify analyte secreting cells at the single cell level and is considered one of the most sensitive cellular assays available. Additionally, ELISpot is very easy to perform and is suitable for the analysis of many samples at different timepoints. The assay can be automated using a 96-well plate and analysed rapidly with an automated ELISpot reader.


Mabtech Fluorospot

- Multiplex version of ELISpot
- Combine analytes of different kinetics without manipulating intracellular processes
- Robust and easy to scale up from discovery phase to larger studies.


FluoroSpot is used to quantify protein-secreting cells. This immunoassay combines the sensitivity of ELISpot with the capacity to study the secretion of several analytes simultaneously. In FluoroSpot, a cell suspension is added to the wells of a plate. Proteins, secreted by cells are captured immediately after secretion and throughout the stimulation process by specific antibodies. After cell removal, tagged or biotinylated detection antibodies are added, followed by fluorophore-labeled secondary reagents. The captured proteins turn into fluorescent spots, where each spot corresponds to a single cell.


Fluorospot is up to 500 times more sensitive than intracellular cytokine staining. If one cell secretes your chosen analyte, it will be detected and visualised. Cytokines released directly after activation can be studied along with cytokines with slower kinetics. This reduces complexity in procedures as intracellular processes don't need to be manipulated in order to alter cytokine kinetics.